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About Us

RP Industrial Supply is based in Spokane, WA with a specialized focus to supply our customers with "high end" and "customized" products utilizing our 25+ years of sourcing high quality from China and India. Our PRIMARY focus is direct sales to your business!

We do NOT import and sell through multiple retail channels, we are ONLY focused on DIRECT SALES via a 1-Step cost system.

Our business goal is for you to say "Why would I buy from anyone else?"...

We often build our inventory based on expansion of our client's orders and products. For example, we have one customer who uses stainless steel bands (with the ball lock system) and Industrial Zip we offer these to ALL clients who may need these products, but 1-step costing only.

We are working with another client for "Logo" Packing Tape...their price for custom logo packing tape will be the same they currently pay for "standard, clear packing tape". We will also offer clear packing tape because we buy from the same supplier, so bulk shipping helps keep our shipping costs low.

We added medical PPE, UV Equipment, and Touchless Sanitizers. We did this because many of our friends are doctors, nurses and office administration in our regional hospital and medical centers. They were on the front line without equipment, so we "found a way"! Now, we will continue these products because manufacturing, construction, and "everyday businesses" will need equipment (Dentists, Hair salons, restaurants)...and we will WORK to support these needs.

IF you have a product that you need for your business, PLEASE, let us know. There are likely MANY businesses that need the same product, AND, IF we can get a 1-step source at a good price, we would appreciate the opportunity to supply to you and the other companies in need.

We look forward to the opportunity to support your business.



(509) 879-9699