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Closed Band
Closed Band
Straight Bands
Straight Bands
Steel Banded
Steel Banded
Blue Band Tool
Blue Band Tool

How to use a steel banding tool:
ISO T001 The Cool Tool

S262 Stainless Steel Banding Tool

Stainless Steel Bands
Length X 12MM Width, 0.25MM or 0.4MM Thickness - Stainless Steel 304 Grade, Tensile Strength as Noted.
Don't be fooled:
  • We ship from US, delivery will be 3-7 business days, NOT 3-4 weeks for delivery
  • Our stainless steel bands have a 12mm width, almost 1/2", not 1/8-1/4" thickness like many of our competitors
  • We are delivering HD (Heavy Duty) quality both in width & thickness

We 100% GUARANTEE our product for form, fit, and function. These are 304 Grade Stainless Steel, Self-Lock, high quality bands. IF you have any issue, send us an email and we will get you a solution.

Stainless steel bands are great for projects whether standard nylon zip ties cannot meet the application, such as high heat, UV, cold environment, or extreme vibration

Ideal for industrial and commercial applications where corrosion, vibration, weathering, and temperature/UV are a concern. Our bands are NOT the narrow width, low thickness, and low tensile strength bands. We only sell HIGH Quality, heavy duty bands for use in demanding environments. Even our Zip Ties are Heavy Duty!

Easy to install, low profile, self locking, rolling ball bearing clasp mechanism for smooth installation.

High quality stainless steel bands are available in various lengths with heavy duty tensile strength (as noted).

For applications where installation requires tighter application, the Tightening Tool is simple to use.

Self Locking system
  • Smooth rounded edges for safer handling
  • High Strength, Anti-Corrosion, Non-Rust, Flame Retardant
  • -110F to 1000F - extreme temperature environment effective
  • No tools required for installation, tightening can be done with pliers or high tension tool

Applications: Aerospace, Communication, Food Processing, Chemical, Power Transmission, Automotive, Construction, Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Solar, Insulation

SKU Description (length x width x thickness) Unit Price Pkg Qty Price Qty
Band25-50 25"x12mmx0.25mm, 200# Tensile strength $3.20 100 $320.00
Band37-50 37"x12mmx0.25mm 200# Tensile strength $4.25 100 $425.00
Band51-50 51"x12mmx0.4mm 450# Tensile strength $4.50 50 $225.00
Band67-50 67"x12mmx0.4mm 450# Tensile strength 5 $4.75 50 $237.50
BT-01 Blue Band Tool $89.00 1 $89.00



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